Live Streaming

At, we also offer you the unique service of live streaming events. Whether it is a marriage, reception, family or corporate event etc, we can help you to stay connected with your loved ones no matter how far they are.
Not only do we stream the function, we also design digital invitations so that everyone gets the full experience of the event. If its a marriage you want live streamed, you can simply choose the wedding cards you want to send. Here, you can customize the dates, highlights, etc and even spruce it up with some stunning VFX and animations.
With us, you can have your own private TV channel where you can broadcast the most important days of your live to all those you love and care about. With our technical know-how, infrastructure and experience of live streaming events, you are guaranteed a flawless visual experience while streaming your event.
Even after the event is over, you can chose to save your video with us for a limited period of time. During this time, you and your loved ones can watch and enjoy the finest moments of your life.
Here is what we offer you;
1) Webcasting Utilizing the latest streaming multimedia technology, the video we broadcast can be viewed live without any interruptions or lag. Your viewing experience will be seamless and perfect.
2) Viewing While the event is recorded on our site, the file is converted to a digital format and uploaded to our web server. There your viewers can log on and view it as it is being broadcasted.
Live streaming events can be a challenging task but with us, you can relax as we will take care of everything that's required for successful streaming.


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